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San Diego Orchids & Onions winners, 20 years later

Gone to seed

“We build our buildings and then our buildings build us.” The thought belongs to Winston Churchill, and I don’t think anyone would argue the point that the "built environment,” as it is referred to these ...

When sneakers were known as creepers

English brothels and Doc Marten

Matthew: Any truth to what I heard, that British Bobbies were the first to wear sneakers to help them sneak up on Jack the Ripper? —Webwalker, somewhere on the Net Hey, Matt A.: Some of ...

This is not The Dating Game. I am not Chuck Woolery.

Worship from afar.

Dear Matthew Alice: I have fallen in love with Jewel Kilcher and would like her address and daytime phone. Thank you. — Idey, Blacksmith Union/KCR Then I publish it and she’s so hassled by music ...

Edison's breath in the Henry Ford Musem

Ford and Edison had been pals for years

Matthew: I’ve heard from some semi-reliable friends that Edison’s breath is in a container in some museum. Does this qualify for your Famous Body Parts file? What information do you have on this? Why would ...