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The meaning of the T in T-shirt

These shirts get the deep thought they deserve

Matt: What does the T in T-shirt stand for? — Just Wondering, San Diego T-shirts got all the deep thought they deserve. The T stands for T, the shape of the shirt when spread out ...

What the sixth sense is

Sense of balance, sense of humor, sense of propriety

Dear Matthew Alice: In school I was taught about our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. The sixth sense is relegated to inexplicable knowledge or other shadowy mental abilities. I propose that our ...

How the Post Office thwarts counterfeit stamps

They look for the special inks

Mail Matt: Can the post office tell what kind of stamps I use? I contend that their scanners can track the use of specific types of stamps to help cut down on forgeries. My girlfriend ...

The chronology of 8-tracks, regular cassettes, the Brady Bunch, and the Partridge Family

In 1991, Danny Bonaduce punches out transvestite prostitute

Attention Matthew Alice! What came first, the cassette car stereo or the eight-track car stereo? My friend and I seem to remember cassette tapes going before eight-track tapes, but we think we remember eight-track players ...

San Diego cops and firemen work arson together

Firebugs: detectives sift the ashes

Carle shows me into his office, which is windowless and paneled with fake pine, like a 1950s rumpus room. Its main feature is a grease-pencil board listing 14 arson fires since February, all in the ...

Whitman's Samplers vs. See's

Non-Gumpians stick with Whitman’s

Dear Matthew Alice: Why is it See's chocolate boxes do not have a grid deciphering the flavor of each piece of candy? Is this some kind of perverse experiment Mary See perpetrates on the unsuspecting ...

Reflections on the father of Paul and Alexander Theroux

Decent life led by ordinary man

We were not allowed to talk about money at the table, crush the counters of our shoes, leave dirty silverware on the sideboard, or refer to our mother as “she,” which he found particularly disrespectful.

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