Content for Thursday, November 2, 1995

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Has Bishop McKinney fleeced his flock?

St. Stephen's Church of God in Christ money woes

George McKinney likes to recall how he started his church with $75 borrowed from the Beneficial Finance Company. He used the money to rent the basement of an Encanto pizza parlor and within a short ...

The once-secret FBI files of Morrison, Hendrix, and Joplin

The CIA Ate My Homework

I have an acid-soaked friend who claims it’s well known that Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix were killed by Nixon’s CIA for all the obvious reasons. I not only have never heard this ...

Sirhan Sirhan and Del Mar mafia

He was hot-walker at Santa Anita and Claiente

Dear Matthew Alice: Did Sirhan Sirhan ever work at the Del Mar Racetrack? I read that Sirhan was recruited to kill Robert Kennedy by [local Mafia members]. Sirhan allegedly had help from Thane Eugene Cesar, ...

San Diego, Inc.

Um — not that kind of corporation

Hey, Matthew: Fact: The City of San Diego is a private, for-profit corporation chartered by 12 men just before the turn of the century. So is it true that there is $7 billion sitting in ...

The conspiracy behind the nine-minute snooze button

Analog clocks only have five minutes

Dear Matthew Alice: It must be a conspiracy. That can be the only explanation. Why are all alarm clocks’ snooze features set to nine-minute intervals? Why not five? Ten? Fifteen? — Ivan Cervantes, on the ...

When Elvis came to San Diego

Mothers and sons and rock and roll.

Tuesday, August 16, 1977, Escondido, California “The King is dead.” Danny and I are in a men’s store in Escondido, a store I used to browse when I first loved Elvis and Danny’s father. Don’t ...