Content for Thursday, June 29, 1995

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San Diego’s newest educational experiment, the Ecole Francaise

The pure hoot owl o-o-o sound:

It all starts on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. "Au revoir, Jerome! Au'voir, Stefanie! Sois gentille, Laura!" Mme. Calvel waves to the yellow bus as it warms up outside the French preschool CLTl on Claremont Mesa Boulevard, ...

Richard Ford's Independence Day

"Everybody who is a reader will have a very vivid human memory of some Fourth of July"

“I’ve known [San Diego's] Oakley for going on 30 years. One thing he taught me was how to conduct myself as a writer. which is to say, ’Never to be jealous, never to be envious, never to be spiteful.'"

Alcoholics Anonymous meet in San Diego

Former booze hounds flock to San Diego

AA has been swamped by people sent to the program by courts: people arrest for drunk driving or other alcohol-related crimes.

Trumpets breathed life into mariachi music

Fiesta by the hour

Plaza de Los Marichis is a small fork in the road at Avenida Articulo 123 and Commercio in Tijuana. It is walking distance from Revolucíon and the border. Busy streets run in a Y around ...