Content for Thursday, July 13, 1995

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San Diego mailmen spends half of their days sorting mail

I feel like I'm trapped

A letter from San Diego to New York should take three days from the time our letter was dropped in the downtown collection box. Mail from San Diego meets the delivery standard 92 percent of the time.

The effect of a lid on pot of boiling water

Matthew Alice gives answer and is rebuffed

Matthew Alice: It’s time to settle an ongoing debate between my brother and I which started one evening when we were making up a batch of spaghetti for our kids. The pot of water was ...

Prisoners and their voting rights

1966 was a very confusing time for the civic-minded ex-burglar

Being that next year is an election year, I ponder this question to you: Can convicts vote? — N. Carcerated, Vista Being that I need to ponder your grammar, why don’t you ponder this one. ...