Content for Thursday, September 14, 1995

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Everything Changes in Six Minutes

San Diego cricketers in exile

Practice begins at 5:30 SDCC time (that is, about 5:50) on Wednesday evening. It’s warmer than this in England, dammit. I haven’t brought my white cable-knit sweater, and I put on a grey sweatshirt, feeling vaguely illegitimate.

Do You Want Your CTV?

The Casbah has achieved an even higher national profile recently with MTV News's repeated airing of a puffy feature on rising young pop-rock belter Alanis "You Oughta Know" Morissette, filmed at the Middletown-club in July. ...

What kind of ice to take to San Felipe

Compressed ice from commercial vendors

Matthew Alice: Is it possible that ice purchased in Baja melts faster than ice purchased in the United States? We were camping in Ensenada recently, and some friends said ice purchased there did not last ...

The difference between a huckleberry and a buckeye

Think of Doc Holiday, Perry Como, Mark Twain

Dear Matthew Alice: In the movie Tombstone, Doc Holiday says, “I’m your huckleberry.” In the song “Moon River,” Perry Como sings, “I'm your huckleberry friend.” And of course there’s Huckleberry Hound and Huckleberry Finn. What ...

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