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The fraud that is Eckankar

Hi Fubbi, this is Gakko

"We use more discriminating intelligence when we buy a used car than when we buy a religion,” says philosophy professor and cult-buster David Christopher Lane. “Buying a used car you at least look underneath the ...

Where we get O.K. from

Martin Van Buren, West Africa, Haiti — all options explored

Dear Matthew Alice: What does the term O.K. stand for? We’ve all used it as long as we could talk, I’ll bet 90 percent of us haven’t a clue as to what it means. For ...

Hey, Mr. Deejay, what's that powder on your face?

I asked them to give me an earlier slot, and finally I got it.

Ten minutes later my guest arrives, John Cale, never my favorite member of the Velvet Underground, always struck me as a method actor, ugh, though some people thought of him as a progenitor of punk.

How ABS brake systems work and why San Diego cops don't like them

SDPD has even pulled the fuses on some of the ABS systems on their vehicles

Dear Matthew Alice: How does the ABS system work on my ex-girlfriend's new Mercedes? And when she has to mash down on the brake pedal if, say, someone were to pull out in front of ...

Medical intern training at Grossmont Hospital

"Did you push on her right upper quadrant?”

“To have your hand in someone’s belly, helping surgically correct something that will allow them to live or palliate their pain, it’s an...experience. Especially if you know the person. Your eyes, your hands, all your senses are involved.”

Never Run from a Mountain Lion

As one who roams the backcountry quite a bit for this column and for other projects, I was shocked, saddened, and a little unnerved to learn of last December’s fatal mountain lion attack on birdwatcher ...

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