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San Diego pick-up basketball - heroes, courts, legends

George Young, Barry Alman, Glenn Plummer, Bruce Walton, Dwayne Burton

San Diego is one of the only basketball meccas where beach sand tracked onto the court is part of the game. At South Mission or Crown Point or in North County at Pillbox or Glen Park up in Cardiff.

Al Young: How magic inspired my poetry

Somebody done hoodoo'd the Hoodoo Man

Crazy-quilt patches of somber and giddy sound formed the literal fabric of my tender world. I grew up in homes where the verbal jam session was a floating and usually festive fixture. Clusters of people ...

Ted Leitner dismisses Padres replacements as scabs

Mourning the strike

On day 193 of the major-league baseball strike, we were five rows behind the Padres dugout in the seats my friend Anna had struggled to reserve. Anna lives in Scottsdale. One Saturday, she set out ...

A tunnel from San Diego to other side of the earth

Friction and earth's spin considered

Hey, Matt... Suppose for a moment Earth’s core isn’t composed of molten lava. Now suppose that a tunnel was bored straight through, beginning here in San Diego, and out the other side of the planet. ...

Giving someone the raspberries

Cockney rhyming schemes indicate origin

Dear Matt: Where do we get the expression to give someone the raspberries? Or why is that razzing sound called raspberries? — Not My Real Name, San Diego Best I can piece this together, we ...

The only kid at Lemon Grove Middle School who listened to Danzig

Why we turned to home study

Grunge replaced Goth as the year’s passing fashion fad, and soon she was wearing ripped jeans and flannel shirts to school, apparently no more acceptable to the peer groupies than black velvet and wan looks.

Get lost in UCSD's Stuart Collection

Disobedience and exile

When I taught creative writing at UCSD, I was impressed by the adventurous sculpture sited around campus — The Stuart Collection. Since campuses are gardens, these sculptures are garden sculptures, animating and conferring scale on ...