Content for Thursday, September 22, 1994

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Inside Faith Chapel and through the Akiki trial

Conviction of things not seen

Please understand my cousin P. and how she landed in the church and singles group that became notorious on account of Dale Akiki’s trial. P.’s a hero of mine. She got raised by a stern ...

Willie Shoemaker at Del Mar, strong in wheelchair

Reader reporter brings him chopped liver sandwich and cries

It’s Friday morning, August 19. Although I’m dressed in a Chanel-style blue-and-white suit, I’m not wearing an apron as I heap two inches of chopped liver on fresh egg bread. The sandwich is for Bill ...

Save the songbirds!

Cats kill 1 to 3 million birds each day in the U.S.

Dear Matthew Alice: For two summers, mourning doves attempted to nest in our backyard. In both instances, a nest was built, eggs laid, and our family took care not to disturb the incubation process. To ...

Let’s Be Friends

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