Content for Thursday, October 13, 1994

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San Diego's hot-blooded flamenco subculture

White boys & gypsy souls

I saw nothing unusual about a Chinaman kid dabbling in flamenco guitar. I liked it. Then Jackson Burgess, a writer from the South, sat down next to me as I practiced one afternoon. Teacher to ...

What haters of men are

Misogyny is ancient,

Dear Matthew Alice: We know that the hatred of women is “misogyny,” but what is the word for the hatred of men? — Lovers of All, San Diego An interesting commentary, I’d say, when we ...

The California pedestrian is king

Even in unmarked crosswalks

Dear Matthew Alice: The other day I was walking across the street when this guy in his little yuppiemobile practically kneecapped me as he drove by. I gave him my best glare, and he yelled ...

When the Union-Tribune had no publisher

The Spreckels-Copley gap

Dear Matthew Alice: On the editorial page of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the paper lists the names of its publishers, past and present. However, between John D. Spreckels (publisher, 1890-1926) and Col. Ira Copley (publisher, ...

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