Content for Thursday, June 9, 1994

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Guillermo Gomez-Pena and the coolness of Chicano performance art

Just who does he think he is?

Here’s the gallery attendant — a student, true, but you’d think the campus culture vars wouId have made students more circumspect — telling me about his family’s South American bull breeding ranch, his dad, the ...

The life of an ice tray

Below 40 degrees, water stops shrinking

Dear Matthew Alice: There is a phenomenon that is occurring in our freezer at work that cannot be explained, at least not by us. When we fill the ice tray with water, within hours tiny ...

Scavengers find their niches on I-15

The unnatural ecology of a freeway

Where onramp and asphalt, Passing lane and hawk, Converge in quick collusion Against those who race and never walk. Southern California has it all. We’ve pot ground that shakes, hillsides that burn, a dazzling assortment ...

Kiwis are sharpest-smellers among birds, then vultures, and homing pigeons

Chickens have 24 taste buds, catfish 100,000

Matt: I was contemplating my parakeet the other day at the same time my wife was cooking something very aromatic. And it occurred to me, can birds smell? I've never seen Woody sniff his dish ...

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