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Five days in San Diego with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity

The contemplatives on Boston Avenue

Prayer today seems old-fashioned and irrelevant – a fossil from an era when explorers risked sailing over the edge of the known world. For some, it intrudes where it does not belong and must be ...

Those giant croutons

From dainty salad amendment to formidable goat-choker

Dear Matthew Alice: When and why did croutons suddenly go giant size? They used to get moist from the salad dressing and blend right in. These "gourmet” monsters are so big you forget you're eating ...

Ramona Then, Ramona Now, part 2

North County native brings Helen Hunt Jackson to her hometown

Friday, November 6, 1992 They Pulling the shades to see the blue mountains. That they escaped there, into them. That I didn’t know this before. That the core Mesa Grande Indians are the original Ramona ...

The philosophy of the Great American Lawn

Green expanses have a price

Grasses indigenous to North America did not produce good lawn; they were rough after cutting and green only during the growing season.