Content for Thursday, July 14, 1994

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Ramona Then, Ramona Now, part one

North County native brings Helen Hunt Jackson to her hometown

Monday, November 2, 1992. La Noche de las Velas. Can You Go Home Again? I flew from Asheville, North Carolina, the town made famous by Thomas Wolfe's book You Can't Go Home Again and ancestral ...

Jars of water and dogs

The reasoning behind these dog scarecrows

My wife and I have noticed that several houses in our neighborhood have two or three jars of water on their front lawns. The jars are sealed with clear, colorless water in them. They aren't ...

The effect of tides on earthquakes

And the big surprise about mooqnuakes

Dear Answer Man: My question has to do with earthquakes that seem to occur around five or six or seven in the morning. An equal tug upon the earth’s crust, as with the tides, could ...

Which part of your body will get gray first

Depends on hair follicles

Dear Matt: I’ve got a question (obviously). I’m approaching 40, and I’ve noticed something unusual. While I’ve no gray or white hair on my head, I DO have two, yes TWO white pubic hairs. Why? ...