Content for Thursday, December 15, 1994

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A love letter to San Diego Transit

Buses are a bit like bread

CHRIST! “8:45,” says the radio. Still shaving. It’ll be halfway up the Silver Strand already. Don’t rush, don’t rush. You’ll cut yourself. “Can you find my wallet!” I yell. I’m running round hauling trousers on. ...

Champagne — right amount of bubbles and perfect foam

How its wet foam differs from beer's dry foam

Dear Matthew Alice: Recently, as I lay sipping fine champagne and playing snugglebunnies with my latest female conquest, my visions of carnal delights-to-be were constantly interrupted by one niggling query: Why do champagne bubbles appear ...

Our dorky California state flag

The bear looked remarkably like a large red pig

Matt: For such a hip state, how did California get such a dorky flag? Why is the bear staring at the star? What is he thinking? What is that red thing at the bottom? How ...

William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, John Clellon Holmes, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Herbert Huncke

What beat is. What beat is and isn't. Stuff like that.

Ten, 12 years ago I was talking to some small-press jerk, a publisher of pamphlets and broadsides and occasional 40-page books and such, who didn't much care for the Beats. His idea of a Real ...