Content for Thursday, August 4, 1994

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Idyllic Spanish Village shaken by mystery stabbing

The unforgiving arch

The sign on the gate tells you all about it. Annual plot fees, $10. Six months’ water charge, $6 per plot. Safe chemicals to use: beer for snails, wood shavings, mint-water soap, garlic-onion soap for ...

Running water as stimulant to peeing

Part of your neurologic pathway

Dear Matt: Ever since childhood. I’ve been taught to turn on the water faucet when having difficulty beginning urination. It always works, but nobody can tell me why. You're my last hope. Matt. — Ryan ...

Animals who suffer morning sickness

Margie Profet's theory of first trimester toxins

Dear Matthew Alice: The term “morning sickness” seems a misnomer in my wife’s case. During her pregnancy she was in terrible misery 24 hours a day for months, despite her careful efforts in following medical ...

Ramona Then, Ramona Now, part 4

North County native brings Helen Hunt Jackson to her hometown

Thursday, November 12, 1992 The Ramona Sentinel comes out on Thursdays. Larry Littlefield’s sports page is impressive, both in the quality of writing and the depth of the coverage, but I wonder, how can he ...

Let’s Be Friends

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