Content for Thursday, November 11, 1993

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San Diego animal control killers

In the mornings we put them to sleep

It’s become a bona fide good job. It starts at $18,678 U.S., then cranks in with regular 5 percent increases, You get medical, dental, and vision care benefits, two weeks’ vacation, sick pay, and retirement. ...

Proctor and Gamble will give money value of a coupon

They will spend 29 cents to send you a penny

Dear Matthew Alice: Why do coupons bear the phrase “Cash value l/20th of a cent”? Do they really expea me to buy 2000 Sunday papers and spend a whole day cutting out coupons just so ...

Bugs die with their feet in the air

Just as toast lands on the floor jelly-side down

Dear Matt: I just bug-bombed my house. Why is it that bugs always die with their little feet sticking up in the air? — J.A., Spring Valley For the same reason the toast always lands ...

The reasoning behind 33 1/3 records

Columbia gave in and started making 45s

Dear Matthew Alice: As playback of sound recordings progressed from the scratchy, quick-playing 78s to the (what used to be modem) LP, why was 33-1/3 rpm chosen as the industry standard, rather than 32 or ...