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Tijuana coroner's patients cut and sawed open

The body always tells you how it died

The house of death in Tijuana is the color of dusty bubble gum. Just off the Plaza Club de Leones, with its cathedral-like tower, where Revolucion curves away to the north, SEMEFO, the one-story coroner's ...

Analog cheese on pizza — what next?

Roast beef analog from discarded shoes

Dear Manhew Alice: I keep hearing rumors that the cheese on pizzas these days is imitation. This rumor is very disturbing. If it is true, what is the pale yellow glop that we are eating? ...

The origin of golf links

At least we can say is is Scottish

Yo, Man hew: A golfing bud of mine and I have had this ongoing discussion about the origin of the term "links. ” I say a golf course is called that because all the holes ...

Tijuanan columnist Hector Felix Miranda's murder stirs PEN West dust-up

An unquiet death grows louder

Five years have passed since two fatal shotgun rounds were fired through the windshield of Hector Felix Miranda’s blue Ford LTD on a subdued residential street in Tijuana. As a caustic and popular columnist for ...

Vietnam protester John Krich visits Vietnam and thinks about it

Scene of the crime

Tourism is invasion by other means. It’s a battle for leisure-time territory fought between armies in Hawaiian flowered shirts and standard bellhop issue. Where no tour package has yet feared to tread and every new ...

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