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Balboa Park – fewer rules than homeless shelters

Labyrinth of the Radiant City, Part 1

These people have been among us for centuries. They can be found, emerging from the coal mines of a Zola novel, reaping the season’s harvest in a Millet painting, in any number of works by Van Gogh.

Why San Diego clouds are ugly

They look like coagulated Riverside

Dear MA: San Diego has busy-looking clouds — and not just the “marine layer” type, although they’re the worst. Local clouds invariably look dirty, dingy, and depressing, as if they were composed of coagulated Riverside ...

Homemade vs. store-bought chocolate milk

How come mine's so watery?

Hi, Matt: Why when I buy my container of chocolate milk every morning is it thick and smooth? When I make it at home it’s thin and watery. What’s the difference? — Robert B., San ...

Carpal tunnel not just from repetition

Wrist needs to be flexed

If people get carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motions, why don’t we get it from writing the same 26 letters of the alphabet over and over again during our lives? — Cindy A., in an ...