Content for Wednesday, November 25, 1992

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An incendiary history of San Diego's counterculture press.

Notes from Underground

Both Ritter and Remer lay a small part of the blame for the closing of the Door on the Reader, which was established in 1972. "The original Reader was a joke; we laughed at it," Ritter recalls.

Underprivileged Tijuanan brothers learn about grief the hard way

Death sometimes unites them

Nobody knew what happened to the boys’ parents. Not even the boys — Chacho, Elijio, Carlos, and Jorge — could explain what had happened to them. As is so often the case in Tijuana, one ...

Surreal Mormon architecture comes to La Jolla

The mothership has landed

The La Jolla facility will be the third Mormon temple in California and the first to be built in the state in more than 20 years. (Los Angeles’s temple was built in 1956, Oakland’s in 1964.)