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The mysterious death of local Teamsters leader Rodger Whitehead

Motionless in the driver’s seat of his blue ’75 Maverick

During the autopsy, the medical examiner carefully studied Rodger’s throat to determine if he had been choked into unconsciousness before he was placed in the car, but no such evidence was found.

Where did Chula Vista's sea turtles come from?

Escaped from corral at North Island?

At the bottom of San Diego Bay, in the shadow of a huge SDG&E power station in Chula Vista, lives a colony of endangered sea turtles. They have been present, more or less, since the ...

Car-jacked on Sports Arena Boulevard

I have a knife

It was a Sunday afternoon in May, a beautiful, bright, sunny day. My husband was home with my son, my niece and nephew, and his own son from his first marriage. I needed to buy ...