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San Diego, the meth capital

Your mind might think it's flyin'

“I got out of prison this time, and there was no good crystal meth-amphetamine, so I started doing heroin because the quality was there. I ain’t give up on meth. Once it starts getting good again. I’ll go back.”

Curving bridge on Del Dios highway to damage San Dieguito Indian site

Dust flies over ancient settlement

Rogers named the oldest group the San Dieguito people because their stone tools were found along the San Dieguito River. The next group, whose artifacts rest above those of the San Dieguitoans, he called the La Jolla people.

Holing up near Pine Hills Lodge for five days with a fireplace and no phone

Go to Julian, open a vein

Julian is still the real thing. The town has a genuine turn-of-the-century feel, not contrived like San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Still, it is poised on the brink of self-consciousness, a cute parody of itself.