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Eucalyptus, the non-native tree that does so much. Like kill people.

“We don’t have many native tall trees in Southern California"

The branches grow so fast that they cut off views; the roots crack sidewalks, curbs, and roads; they steal water from nearby plants, drop litter on the ground, and exude an oil that kills other plants.

Richard Meltzer dresses up and plays Santa

Far fewer Santa partisans than Elvis partisans are terminal scuzz

Some kids burst when they came within a couple-three yards of me. A female 2-year-old sees me, whimpers, her ma’s embarrassed, pushes her closer: WAAAAAA! (Ma takes a candy cane for later.)

Lester Bangs on Altamont the day the music died

Everybody just be cool now

In summer of 1969, when the Rolling Stones announced that they were going to tour the United States, it was one of the biggest deals to come along in hippieland in a good long while.

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