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The Kumeyaay celebration of winter solstice

Pictographs at Viejas Mountain, Cowles Mountain, La Rumorosa

The Christmas decorations came to Balboa Park the second week in November this year. Curious people couldn’t help but stop and stare at the strange sight of plastic reindeer dragging Santa’s sleigh toward the organ ...

When Old Iron Butt rules the world, his friend Neil Morgan will be right by his side.

I'm Morgan, he's Cronkite

This past August, while San Diegans tanned and party delegates decided our nation's fate, a paper was delivered to 300 sweaty, sausage-chomping academics at the Second Polish-American Semiotics Colloquium held in Atlantic City. The paper, ...

Tales of a San Diego manicurist

Annalisa's file

She sighs. “But I can wear jeans and a slobbed-out shirt, and if my nails are painted, I feel glamorous." She lifts her glance from my fingers to my eyes. “You know what I mean?”