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A Democrat but a tough D.A.

Why Ed Miller is still the man

IT IS THE LARGEST AND BEST-financed law firm in San Diego County. Its 569 employees include 186 attorneys and 64 ftill-time investigators scattered around eight offices from South Bay to North County. It maintains a ...

Inside the Padres' lockers

Tony Gwynn's, Tim Flannery's, John Kruk's, Eric Nolte's, Marvell Wynne's, Goose Gossage's

Tony Gwynn sat in a canvas-backed chair and peered into the wooden cubicle in front of him. “What’s in my locker?” he asked, repeating the question that had been posed to him. “Well, here’s a ...

Judith Moore's mama's mama comes to Manhattan

Her little girl

When Sunday school was over, I said, to no one in particular, “I have to go downstairs to church to meet my parents.” It wasn’t true. It just felt good to say it. I like ...