Content for Thursday, April 15, 1982

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The rise & fall & rise & fall of Warner Hot Springs

You can see why the Indians loved it

Hecht remembers the mud baths and the three-dollar massages, the dance bands and the little guy from International Harvester who tried to pick her up one night in the bar.

Uppermost floors of downtown San Diego's nineteen tallest buildings

On top of the city

“We love the view. Particularly over fogbanks, you get subtle violets, rose, and gray tinged with blue. Concentrated on the water as this city is, it’s one of the great sunset cities of the world.”

Downtown San Diego oldsters trapped in Cathedral Plaza, Luther Tower, Westminster Manor

Prisoners of nightfall

Six years ago I could visit Pat at Cathedral Plaza simply by walking into the building, taking the elevator to her floor. Now I call ahead and arrange for Pat to meet me at the lobby entrance.