Content for Thursday, November 12, 1981

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Sally Barnes is dead, Jim Kulka is in jail, and the Lake Wohlford land remains

Forgive us our trespasses

Looking through the pane of glass from the visitor’s side of window number nine in the Vista county jail, it seems hard to believe that thirty-seven-year-old James Edward Kulka should be held here as a ...

Mystery of Scammon's Lagoon beaked whales

The least-known of the world’s large mammals

Hubbs and a few others sampled the meat of the whale. It was “of good flavor and tender when roasted or fried,’’ Hubbs reported. “About one hundred pounds were eaten by local residents.”

Why do sportswriters in the Chargers press box pork out on free goodies every Sunday but keep their mouths shut the rest of the week?

Ask Rick Smith

"Look, Steve, I didn't want any prima donnas in the press box. I don " want any guys up there in Calvin Klein jeans and plaid shins looking for special treatment. — Rick Smith, San ...