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The man who started greyhound racing at Caliente

Gone to the dogs

High in the grandstands at Agua Caliente, in one of the line of small, plain officials’ boxes that look down on the dog track and the larger horse track that surrounds it, Paul Hartwell drew ...

San Diego's part in the early days of surf films

Bud Browne, John Severson, Bruce Brown, Walt Phillips

There are certain Friday nights at Encinitas's La Paloma Theater when the crowd awaiting the 9:00 p.m. show is a virtual sea of blond heads. Blond heads standing in line, blond heads looking in shop ...

How Mark Twain got his start

Printer, riverboat pilot, and writing for newspapers in San Francisco

Has one short story ever launched a writing career for anyone? — C. Selena Right away I think of Jack London and O. Henry, who determined rather late in life to become writers, and who ...