Where's My Roy Cohn? 1.0 stars

Where's My Roy Cohn? movie poster

When was the last time you watched a celebrity documentary where not one person had anything even remotely kind to say about the subject? Prepare to be licked by documentarian Matt Tyrnauer’s soft-serve Cohn. It began at age 15, when Roy Cohn arranged his first bribe by fixing a traffic ticket for his teacher. He was a self-loathing Jew, a proponent of McCarthyism, a closeted monster who denied he was gay right up until the time he died of complications from AIDS, and so much more, all of which has been documented ad nauseum (and with a better score). When asked to reveal a weakness, Cohn cited an inability to “sympathize with the emotional element in life.” Sound familiar? Donald Trump was Cohn’s protege, and were it not for his presidency, there would be no need to subject audiences to a what’s essentially an "E! True Hollywood Story" rehash. And Tyrnauer’s interpolation of colorized footage of the McCarthy hearings is as much an embarrassment to cinema as Trump is to the Oval Office 2019.

Scott Marks


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