We Are Your Friends 1.0 stars

We Are Your Friends movie poster

Don't see We Are Your Friends for its nonsensical attempt to make Electronic Dance Music into a digital means for conveying the artist's interior anguish. Nor for its silly, Instagram-level aphorisms (no, the best part of anything is not in fact the moment before it starts). Nor for its grab-bag of dramatic elements (mentor's girlfriend, dead friend, dreams of glory, etc.). Nor even for pretty Zac Efron's doomed attempt to lend soul and fire to the sight of a Valley kid turning knobs in front of his laptop. Instead, see it for Wes Bentley's masterful, deadpan performance as the gaunt, aging eminence — 36 is like 75 in DJ years — who pulls his head out of a bottle long enough to do Efron a favor. And maybe for Emily Ratajkowski's first real effort at moving from pinup model to actress. The two make an excellent cautionary couple: hey kid, is this really the life you want? Directed by Max Joseph. 2015.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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