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“I’m mad about so many things you can’t count them,” bellows Maggie (Anjelica Houston), her laser-sharp, Botoxed glower emanating from beneath the brim of her cowboy hat and leveling all those foolish enough to rub eyeballs with her. Sadly, her anger doesn’t impinge upon writer-director Theresa Rebeck, who has nothing to offer this masterly cast but a paycheck for their participation in her lightweight dysfunctional-siblings family feud. Rebeck has neither the nasty streak nor the black comedy chops needed to pull it off, as evidenced by the lack of logic and/or narrative advancement behind the three different attempts to kill Maggie’s brother Ben (Bill Pullman). And the stupidity level assigned to her Vermont police force makes the oafish cops in Three Billboards look like The Untouchables. A string of redundant flashbacks — meant to underscore both the crooked land deal and a romance between Maggie and her lifelong friend Gerry (David Morse, dwarfing the competition as always) — pads the running time. 2018.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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