The Only Living Boy in New York 1.0 stars

Only Living Boy in New York movie poster

With a depressive bipolar mother (Cynthia Nixon) and a father who stands gelid and forever unconfronted (Pierce Brosnan), it’s no wonder their recently spurned, curly-haired nebbish of a son (Callum Turner) rebounds with the old man’s mistress (Kate Beckinsale). It’s a New York-based romance told in reverse-angles from Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man, Gifted). The young leads are no match for the seasoned players, but the major culprit in the picture is screenwriter Allan Loeb (Here Comes the Boom, Collateral Beauty) a once and future Happy Madison gagman who wants nothing more than to be the next Woody Allen. (Substitute Jeff Bridges as Bogart in Play it Again, Sam doing double-duty as surrogate father figure.) Don’t let the blue-blood cast delivering his “dinner party as therapy” dialogue fool you. Just because the kid comes from a family of publishers doesn’t mean people speak in such grandiloquent terms. 2017.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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