The Equalizer 2 1.0 stars

Equalizer 2 movie poster

Add a fourth to the angelic trio of Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael — Denzel. Washington reprises his role as McCall, the former CIA operative who now spends his time helping people in need: old Jewish men, middle-aged Muslim ladies, young black men, younger white girls, and oh yes, his friends. Much of the time, he doesn’t even need to get violent, but when he does, the old fellow turns into an ageless agent of divine retribution. Time slows for him; the most minute details present themselves for his consideration; and he brutally dispatches hosts of baddies without breaking a sweat. Heck, the climax pits him against a team of fellow Black Ops vets in a hurricane, and he doesn’t even get wet. Some folks might call that lazy filmmaking from director Antoine Fuqua, but maybe it’s just in keeping with McCall’s supernatural character. It’s not much of a movie — more a parade of rah-rah triumphs obscuring a batch of logical oddities — which makes Washington’s committed performance stand out like the heavenly host in the night sky over Bethlehem. 2018.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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