Thank You For Your Service 0.0 stars

Thank You For Your Service movie poster

Of late, Miles Teller’s choices in film projects have taken a heroic turn for the worse. Last week, he was a firefighter in Only the Brave, now he’s following that with a chance to cash in by playing a returning soldier. Don’t expect the irony to stop at the title. There’s a suicidal vet assigned a job at a gun range and a soldier who keeps deploying because he thinks the military saved his life. This marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Jason Hall (American Sniper), who, like a mother bird feeding her young, regurgitates one cliché after another before coming to the blinding realization that war is bad and it screws people up. How’s that for insight? What next, flush toilets? Color television? Keep moving, folks; there’s nothing here you haven’t seen done better a hundred times before. 2017.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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