Switching Channels 1.0 stars

It's The Front Page yet again, or really His Girl Friday, but transplanted from newspaper office to TV station, and with all the loss of subtlety normally noticed in the treatment of a story on the eleven o'clock news as against the daily paper. (And such a tellable story, too!) The new slant, if any, is toward Yuppie workaholism — or maybe that's just a way of saying that there's a lack of sexual chemistry between the reporter and her boss. Kathleen Turner makes a reasonable substitute for Rosalind Russell (to measure against the closest screen version), but Burt Reynolds has tried and failed before to be Cary Grant (e.g., Rough Cut), and he isn't getting any gracefuller as he gets older. Christopher Reeve keeps on trying to dissociate himself from Superman, and the Ralph Bellamy laughing-stock role (fruited up with New Age "sensitivities") takes him into a distant galaxy. He seems to be having more fun than anybody, spectators included. Directed by Ted Kotcheff. 1988.

Duncan Shepherd

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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