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Whence came the revisionist line of thinking that apprises Super Fly as something more than a cheaply produced, at times ineptly staged (check out the ham-handed climactic shootout) crime picture? Remaking the pro-drug saga of a coke-pushing pimp in the era of #MeToo seems a daunting task. But for Director X, the solutions were simple: SuperFly (Trevor Jackson) must never be seen sampling his product, and when it comes to his day job, it’s strippers in, hookers out. Other than that, a surprisingly faithful adaptation awaits. (A few new characters were added to compensate for the 30% of the original that’s spent piloting a pimpmobile through the street of New York to the soulful strains of Curtis Mayfield.) Jackson is far too pretty for the role originated by macho preener Ron O’Neil. But damn if his perm isn’t a towering sight to behold: does Little-Richard-meets-Morris-Day-by-way-of-Woody-Woodpecker ring a bell? This could conceivably take home 2018's Much Better Than Anticipated award. 2018.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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