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Why go to a theatre only to sit and stare at another, bigger laptop on screen? Put aside the preconceived notions and buckle up for an emotion-fraying thrill ride in which the only superhero in sight is a concerned widower (John Cho) looking for his AWOL kid. From baby’s first screencap to the moment 16-year-old Margot (Michelle La) turns up missing, director and co-writer Aneesh Chaganty goes full-Disney, right down to the overprotective father mourning his dead wife that opens the picture. (It could just as easily have been called Finding Margot.) Cho’s excruciatingly accomplished performance as the hand-wringing patriarch could be the first captured entirely from the electronic eyes of laptops and phone cameras. And just when it appears that the storylines have logically reached their stopping point, another ostensibly outlandish twist occurs that leads to an even more satisfying conclusion. The one glaring glitch of nonauthenticity would be the prefabricated, over-rehearsed phone conversations between dad and Margot’s friends. With Debra Messing as the detective assigned the case. 2018.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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