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The Shining is my go-to Stanley Kubrick film. But after numerous viewings, thoughts of Native American genocide, Hitler’s ovens, and/or the director helping to fake the Apollo moon landing have never once come up for discussion. Listen to the filmmakers, and Room 237 is a black eye to serious film analysts everywhere. Side with the five interview subjects who have “seen” The Shining, and Kubrick was a mad genius who resorted to subliminal seduction and semiological subtext as a means of advancing the narrative by tampering with viewers' thought patterns. The same crackpots who credit Kubrick with meticulously arranging every frame he ever filmed are also the first to find genius hidden in his continuity errors. To paraphrase Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom, all this home video technology isn’t healthy. Somewhere there’s a someone who will watch Room 237 (or How I Learned to Stop Paying Attention and Love the Slo-Mo Function on My Remote) frame-by-frame. 2013.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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