Puerto Ricans in Paris 3.0 stars

Puerto Ricans in Paris movie poster

A pair of “crow-sont” eatin’ New York cops are sent to the City of Lights to crack a counterfeit purse operation. Luis Guzman in a lead role, you say? That’s enough to make any guilty pleasure all the more pleasurable. He’s paired opposite a fine comic foil in the guise of a pure-hearted and shiny-headed partner (Edgar Garcia). No standard issue romantic subplot here: Garcia refuses the advances of their boss (Paris-Manhattan’s Alice Taglioni, wonderful in a surprisingly meaty role), preferring instead to remain faithful to the mother of his kids (Rosie Perez). Yes, it’s predictable. Of course, it follows a formula. But damn if this isn’t Guzman’s show. With a Barney Rubble build, capped by a face (and attitude) only a mother Tasmanian Devil could love, the revered character actor’s anthropomorphously carved agitations surpass all of Disney and Pixar’s recent CG handiwork. Directed by newcomer Ian Edelman. 2015.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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