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On a bullfighting breeding farm in the backwoods of Mexico, the sons of rancheros tire of antagonizing one another and decide it would be more fun to pick on the girls. Meanwhile, on another part of the farm, the chronological age of the participants might increase the closer one gets to the practice ring, but the game remains the same. Rancher, poet, cuckold Juan (director Carlos Reygadas) has his open marriage put to the test when his wife (Natalia López, real life Ms. Reygadas) takes up with an American horse trainer (Phil Burgers). The stunning widescreen panoramas that open the film soon gives way to excessive absorption on the part of the filmmakers. (Did we really need a timpani recital?) The experience must have been a cathartic one for Reygadas, but at 177 minutes, audience members who survive this marathon round of couples therapy deserve to charge an hourly rate. 2018.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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