Original Sin 0.0 stars

Angelina ("Fat Lips") Jolie debarks in horse-and-buggy Havana, a mail-order bride from Delaware, bearing a trace of her British accent from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider as well as a ready explanation for why she looks in person nothing like her homely photograph: it's because she didn't want a husband who was interested in her for only her beauty. This sounds plausible enough to the would-be bridegroom, Antonio Banderas, who had represented himself as a tobacconist's clerk, instead of as a coffee baron, because he didn't want a wife who would be interested in him for his money. Nor, in their extended honeymoon (extended at least in part thanks to slow-motion), does her grotesque vampery tip him off that something's amiss. Writer-director Michael Cristofer has re-set the pulp novel by Cornell Woolrich, Waltz into Darkness (previously filmed by Truffaut under the name of Mississippi Mermaid), in a more exotic locale in hopes, evidently, of making the unbelievable more believable. Or in hopes that the relentless Latin rhythms on the soundtrack will cast a spell should all else fail. The total effect is hypnotic solely in the sense of soporific. With Thomas Jane, Jack Thompson. 2001.

Duncan Shepherd

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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