Old Fashioned 2.0 stars

Old Fashioned movie poster

Earnest but not overly sweet attempt to make the case for sexual restraint as the key to putting the rom back in rom-coms. Writer-director Rik Swartzwelder stars as Clay, a former serial seducer now living the life of a hermit while running an Ohio antique shop called Old Fashioned. (The movie is self-conscious about its more on-the-nose aspects, which doesn't help much. It's also self-conscious about the weirdness of the world it espouses, which does.) By the time we meet him, he won't even be in the same room alone with a woman — though he is willing to talk to her through a screen door about his theories on modern dating as a lousy preparation for marriage. The woman in question is Amber (a charming Elizabeth Roberts), a rambler who could use a little reliability in her life, and so indulges Clay's oddities. Christianity is put to sensible use as a refuge for the damaged, and if the Big Fight and Big Speech are a bit convoluted, the overall storyline is clear and even plausible. 2015.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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