A Million Ways to Die in the West 1.0 stars

Million Ways to Die in the West movie poster

Poophat, peeface, fartneedle, sheepeen, spoocheek. There, glad that's out of the way. Though it's all worth mentioning, because it's the sort of "outrageous" gross-out gaggery that co-writer/director/producer/star Seth MacFarlane slops onto what otherwise looks like his childhood dream of making a straightforward, sentimental, white-hat/black-hat Western about a decent sheep farmer forced to do battle against the general indecency of the frontier. Apparently, his inner child lacks confidence: No one will tolerate these gorgeous sunset shots unless I'm totally baked while watching them. Self-conscious importation of modern sensibilities into olden times is the modus operandi, but every now and then, MacFarlane forgets himself and just has fun: a chase sequence featuring horses and trains; a song and dance number about mustaches. Once or twice, he even seems to feel something. Sarah Silverman plays a whore who won't sleep with her beau 'til they're married, and Charlize Theron plays a game and gorgeous frontier gal. 2014.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


DanDiego May 31, 2014 @ 10:47 a.m.

Seth MacFarlane should stay behind the camera. On screen he's not funny or appealing, just egotistical. This movie has lots of borderline or outright racist jokes, very few original sight gags, too many stupid sex and penis jokes, and gratuitous bloody violence thrown in for no apparent reason. The best things in this movie are the classic western music and the scenery. The movie is too long and not very funny. Go see Blazing Saddles and Django instead to see how it's done right.


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