Lone Survivor 1.0 stars

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The Passion of the SEAL. Peter Berg, having humiliated the American military by involving it in the ludicrous nonsense of Battleship, attempts to make up for it by telling the (based-on-a-true) story of a four-man mission gone very bad in Afghanistan. The desired response to the action onscreen seems to be awe rather than gratitude — from the outset, it's made clear that these men are a breed apart, warriors by nature. They suffer and fight because they want to suffer and fight, not because of cause or country. And when the bad guys start to close in, it's not the soldiers' sacrifice that plays as heroic, it's their endurance in the face of horrific injuries and insane odds. Berg's hand is sure and careful; he handles the operation's buildup and detail with low-key aplomb, and makes the case for war as hell, an inhuman darkness that serves to highlight brief flashes of humanity. With Mark Wahlberg. 2013.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


real_deal Feb. 13, 2014 @ 10:51 p.m.

Clearly, this was a smarmy review (with its silly parenthetical comment), which comes from some tree-hugging desk-pilot. The gratuitous one-star rating reflects a lack of insight from someone who's never led a group in silent prayer and should be discounted.

Unlike Matthew's celluloid heroes, these men really die. To suggest they/we "like" to suffer is just plain stoopid. (read: pathetic Matthew).

According to a 6x6 source, close to Marcus, the only deviation from the real deal was the overly dramatic debate regarding the fate of the Afghan herders; it didn't last but a very small fraction of the time on-screen.

Matthew, please reach down and see if you've got a pair. S/F


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