Keep the Lights On 1.0 stars

Keep the Lights On movie poster

Boy (Thure Lindhardt) meets boy number two (Zachary Booth) while dialing for hookups, boy hooks up with boy number two and is then told not to get his hopes up, since boy number two has a girlfriend. But whaddya know, the boys eventually get together, and everything would be great except maybe it's not so great that boy number two likes to smoke crack and blow the smoke into boy's mouth during sex. Plus, he tends to disappear for days at a time, a habit that distracts boy from his work as a documentary filmmaker, costs boy number two in his professional life in the publishing world, and does more than a little damage to their relationship. Lights drops in on the couple at various junctures over the course of a decade, and while the addiction/devotion story is nothing new, the film gets points for frankness in its depiction of gay lovers as real and occasionally horrible people. (Other frank depictions: gay sex and its occasional messiness, the power of drugs to overshadow a soul.) But that same commitment to verisimilitude costs it in the dramatic department: intimate it may be, compelling it is not. 2012.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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