Jonah Hex movie poster

Animator Jimmy Hayward’s live-action adaptation of a DC Comics superhero series from the Seventies comes across as an imitation spaghetti Western translated back into vernacular American, a mac-and-cheese Western, let’s call it, or a Beefaroni Western, revolving around a supernatural bounty hunter (Josh Brolin) who as a result of his own near-death experience can talk to corpses, carries a pair of swivel-action Gatling guns strapped to his horse named Horse, bears a hideous burn scar on his face that twists his mouth into a permanent snarl (the prying camera keeps trying to peer into the holes in his flesh), and rides the vengeance trail after the man who gave it to him, a Johnny Reb diehard (John Malkovich, an unferocious figure of sidelong gazes and parted lips) armed with a futuristic WMD. All of this will satisfy no one’s hankering for a Western, or even a spaghetti Western. It can only serve to measure the genre’s further advance into decadence. With Megan Fox, Will Arnett. 2010.

Duncan Shepherd

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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