The Internship 1.0 stars

Internship movie poster

Is the structure — Bad News Bears try to win the Internalympics at Google and so get jobs — hackneyed? Yes. Is the comedy spotty? Yes. Is the pacing a mess, with several sort-of funny bits dragging on waaaaay too long? Yes, yes, yes. But viewers of a certain age may find their hearts softening when they stop to consider just how personal a film this is for story author/co-screenwriter/star Vince Vaughn. He middle-aged motor-mouth charmer who can sell product (including himself) like nobody's business, but when the industry (or comedic taste) shifts, he's left at sea. What to do? Spin a tale about how awful the economy is, how painful it is to realize that you don't know how to imagine a better future for yourself, and how great it would feel to overcome that. Co-starring, significantly, Vaughn's Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson. 2013.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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