I Don't Know How She Does It 2.0 stars

I Don't Know How She Does It movie poster

She does it all: big-deal investment planning, motherhood, husband-care, cooking, endless e-mailing, and tireless posing as chick-flick star Sarah Jessica Parker, whose charm smile could have cheered up Stalingrad in 1942. She is surrounded by prettier women, but lonely biz wiz Pierce Brosnan is drawn to go-go Parker, while her hubby Greg Kinnear frets sweetly. The gal-pals are enchanted by her, and burble to the camera about it. As a Parker vehicle the movie (much-changed from Allison Pearson’s English novel) has some plastic skill, predictable shots and laughs, and an inexcusably false scene of working class bonding through bowling. 2011.

David Elliott

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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