Don't Breathe 3.0 stars

Don't Breathe movie poster

Panic Room meets Wait Until Dark in this pitiless, uncommonly serviceable horror thriller. A pair of necessitous, romantically involved housebreakers (Jane Levy and Daniel Zovatto) partner with a college freshman (Dylan Minnette) whose dad’s position with a home-security provider helps to open a lot of doors. What could be easier on the trio (and what could undermine crowd sympathy faster) than targeting a blind war veteran (a granitic Stephen Lang) sitting on 300 grand in the only kempt home on an otherwise uninhabitable block of wartorn Detroit? The seamless, digitally-protracted long take that introduces the characters and audience to their new surroundings pays suitable homage to the film’s producer (and Evil Dead architect) Sam Raimi. You’ll know you’re hooked when even something as unreasonable as a chase involving a Rottweiler in an air shaft can’t derail writer-director Fede Alvarez’s (Evil Dead, 2013) relentless train of thought. 2016.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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