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The movies’ first monster was a Dybbuk, the “son-of-mud” creation with a wandering spirit based on Yiddish folklore. This atmospheric update finds the ghost of a young Jewish girl who disappeared without a trace possessing the body of a British bridegroom (Itay Tiran), “a white snowflake that falls into a dirty puddle,” according to one of the wedding guests. Though it’s based on Piotr Rowicki’s play Clinging, director Marcin Wrona’s spirited staging keeps it from ever dissolving into canned theater. (Wrona lived long enough to see the film debut at Toronto International Film Festival.) Spiked with unanticipated moments of black comedy — the father of the bride, quick to blame his son-in-law’s condition on epilepsy, plies his guests with enough booze to obliterate his actions from their memories. Without the benefit of makeup or gratuitous special effects, Tiran utilizes every muscle to manifest his condition, and in doing so, scores one of the most original transformations we’ve seen in years, certainly much better than anything in Sam Raimi’s The Possession. 2016.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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