Cockneys vs Zombies 3.0 stars

Cockneys vs Zombies movie poster

Three spoofs for the price of one. Gangsters, the living dead, and the almost dead — played by a cluster of well-respected British character actors (Alan Ford, Honor 'Pussy Galore' Blackman, Dudley Sutton, Georgina Hale) drafted to occupy yet another nursing home filled with feisty oldsters — interface in this lively, genuinely amusing genre mishmash. Backstory is dispensed in a string of hilarious blackout flashbacks and the heist itself tweaks convention just enough to keep things amusing. C vs Z shows a lot more social consideration than its $200 Million generic counterpart, WWZ. Director Matthias Hoene and his two screenwriters battle a headwind whenever the need to remain faithful to zombie lore arises. The final third buckles under the weight of gratuitous carnage, but it’s back to life for a rousing finale. If there is an award for best adapted song, give it to The Automatics’ Monster. 2012.

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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